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First publication in Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews

This is the most comprehensive paper I have written so far and one of the lengthiest publications in power systems research. The review evolved from my thesis (Chapter 2), where I analyzed the citation network of studies related to power systems expansion planning and Cooperative Game Theory applications:

While exploring the network, I found so many insights that it became obvious to me – this review has to be published. Yet, it was not clear how to do this. The analysis was presented in an unusual manner. First, I introduced the main research directions and their interdependencies. Then, I led readers through different parts of the citation network describing the main research problems and previous contributions.

I worried that the editor or reviewers would not appreciate this approach. At first glance, it may seem that I drew some fancy figures and paraphrased ideas from existing studies…

My doubts were gone when I got the reviewers’ comments. They were excited about my work! Reviewer #2 started with, “I believe this is one of the better review papers I have read. I think that it is very thorough. Here are some more detailed thoughts…

I sincerely thank the editor, reviewers, journal managers, and designers for assisting me during the publication process. I hope that this work would impact game-theoretic research in power systems and indicate a novel way of writing review papers and surveys.

? ? ? The review is available online: ? ? ?

It took me 14 months to write and publish the manuscript. Half of this time was the review process and proofreading. I do not stop wondering how long it takes to get a good journal publication nowadays.

Andrey Churkin (Андрей Чуркин) 2021