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Testing Electric Snowbike prototype at Skoltech

Almost every vehicle nowadays can be driven by electric motors, which are a quiet and powerful alternative to combustion engines. Their only issues are related to cost-effectiveness and electric batteries. My co-author, Prof. Nikolay Korgin, decided to follow the EV way in developing an Electric Snowbike prototype. The bike was created by his team at the Institute of Control Sciences. And it is quite a thing:

The motor can achieve a maximum power of up to 15 kW, and the vehicle can accelerate to 60 km/h — a swift bike, especially if we talk about riding in the snow. The driving is also unusual: it resembles surfing or swimming.

By the way, the battery itself weighs 30 kg, about a quarter of the total vehicle mass.

Nikolay demonstrated the prototype to Prof. David Pozo and the CEST power electronics team. Joint research could focus on the battery behavior analysis and implementation of such vehicles in microgrids.

Andrey Churkin (Андрей Чуркин) 2021