1. Transmission and distribution expansion planning. The citation network built over studies on transmission and distribution expansion planning. It represents state of the art in power systems expansion planning as well as the related research directions.
    The citation network was actual for April 2021.

  2. TSO-DSO cooperation and coordination. The citation network presents the most relevant studies on the transmission and distribution system operators (TSO-DSO) cooperation and coordination in planning, operation, ancillary services, flexible resources activation, etc.
    The citation network was actual for April 2021.

  3. Report on numerical issues in Basin Stability analysis:

  4. Cooperative Game Theory applications in power systems. The citation network is a part of my thesis. It was also used as a basis for the paper “Review of Cooperative Game Theory Applications in Power System Expansion Planning”.
    An interactive version of the network is available at
    The citation network was actual for February 2020.

  5. Literature survey of Security Constrained Optimal Power Flow (SCOPF) and Contingency Preventive/Corrective Control. The citation network was built based on the paper [A. Monticelli, M. V. F. Pereira, and S. Granville, “Security-constrained optimal power flow with post-contingency corrective rescheduling,” IEEE Trans. Power Syst., 1987]. Two generations of citations with a total of 4474 papers considered.
    The survey:
    The interactive citation network:
    The citation network was actual for May 2019.

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