Falling Walls Lab 2019, Berlin

I consider the Falling Walls Lab 2019 the most influential conference in my career so far. The strict format forced me to reshape the way of presenting research results and ideas. After dozens of rehearsals, I reached the desired level of clarity and engagement and was able to give the best speech of my life. Moreover, while watching the pitches of other participants, I realized how multifaceted research presentations could be. This was an inspiring event that took me to the next level. I thank the Falling Walls organizers and wish them all the best!

Breaking the Wall of Energy Cooperation:

And, of course, it was great to meet the other 99 participants!

Almost got on Russian TV:

An incredible speech by Javokhir Jumakhonov:

Andrey Churkin (Андрей Чуркин) 2019

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