Montenegro transmission lines

With over 80% of its territory covered by mountains, Montenegro has a power system supplied mainly via mountain power lines. This can easily be seen from anywhere in the country. Look at any mountain near you. It will most likely be crossed by a power line. Look at the mountains behind. And you will see a network of power lines stretched between the peaks and canyons.

To me, the beauty of such a landscape is that you never know how far and where each line goes. It could be an important high-capacity line that forms the backbone of the power system, a line that exchanges energy with the Italy-Montenegro HVDC cable interconnector, or simply a line that supplies a distant town or village. You can only guess and enjoy the view:

The lines pass near old mountain castles and churches, while the cities, bays, and marinas can be seen far below — one of the most beautiful power systems I have visited so far.

Check out this transmission tower on a rock near Kotor. It is hard to climb there without special equipment. Yet, the line was constructed and is working normally, transmitting power somewhere in the mountains. Impressive.

Andrey Churkin (Андрей Чуркин) 2022